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How it works:


Please read


After having made your purchase please send the image you would like me to use for the portrait to:

In the subject of the email please state the cardholder name of the card you used for the purchase.


Please feel free to add on a message with the purchase or in the email should there be any additional information you would want me to know such as a specific characteristic of the person you would like me to bring forward or any you would prefer to exclude.


Within about 1 week of receiving your order I will send you an image of the completed drawing for you to approve to check that you are content with the final artwork or if there are any adjustments you would like to request - please feel free to be open about this and I will adjust the piece until we get it just right! If there is no feedback within 3 days of sending the image I will presume all is good and will delivery to you the artwork as planned.




The photograph:

In order to produce the best drawing I can I find it best for photographs capture two important things:


  • Photos that show light falling on to one side of the face whilst the rest of the face is in shadow - the light and dark can really bring out the form and is a common technique often used in portraiture because it works so well.
  • A relatively natural pose - not that super smiley photos aren’t lovely but many times these images work best when they remain photographs as they capture a very specific moment whereas a drawing is much better at capturing a longer style pose that has a closer resemblance to the subject’s natural self. Also remember that even if you don’t smile with your mouth you can still with your eyes!


On the right is a good example of a photograph that captures both these elements.



Delivery Time: 7-14 days (may take longer if alterations to the drawing are asked for after order has been taken)

Free UK Delivery


Outside UK: £5

Framed Custom Portrait (drawing from photograph)

  • Graphite pencil on Heavyweight cartridge paper

    Delivered in black wooden frame with delicate grain texture, high quality glass window & soft cream mount.

alice photograph.jpg
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